In Memoriam

We honour the memory of the following members of the Gloucester family whom we counted among our dear friends, colleagues and mentors.

Please inform us of any members of the Gloucester family who are no longer with us, except in memory, and who should be honoured on this tribute page. Please provide their name, their affiliation with the school, and the years in which they were associated.


Name Graduating Class
Mr. George Sven Anderssen (Technical Teacher, 1960?s)
Ken Andrews (Class of 1970)
Peter Apps (Class of 1971)
Paul Attallah (Class of 1972)
Mr. Atwood (English Teacher, 1960?s)
Mark Babcock (Class of 1981)
Chris Baird (Class of 1970)
Roger Barr (Class of 1968)
Nicholas Ben-Tchavtchavadze (Class of 1969)
Mr. Ron Bender (Math Teacher, 1973- )
Diane Berthiaume (Class of 1968)
Monique Berthiaume (Class of 1968)
Shashi Bhargava (Class of 1988)
Patrick Wm. Bouchard (Class of 1970)
Andrew Brennan (Class of 1989)
David Burge (Class of 1971)
Hugh Burwell (Founding Principal, 1963-1969 )
Col. (Mr.) Cameron Cluff (Mathematics Teacher 1960?s & 1970?s)
Jeff Campbell (Class of 1994)
Greg Carpenter (Class of 1969)
Steve Childs (Class of 1969)
Connie Clarke (Class of 1968)
Patricia (Pat) Conroy (Class of 1970)
Tim Cooke (Class of 1968)
Bonnie Copp (Class of 1967)
Darryl Craig (Class of 1970)
Andrew Cranham (Class of 1966)
Teresa (Terry) Dalkowski (Class of 1972)
Patrick Donovan (Class of 1969)
Elizabeth (Liz) Doherty (Class of 1969)
Mr. Tony Duggan (Founding Physical Education Teacher and first Department Head, 1960s)
Maribeth Eaton (Class of 1970)
Peter Fenn (Class of 1980)
Coral Fisher (Class of 1968)
Brian Forbes (Class of 1987)
Michael Forster (Class of 1981)
Libby Gadsby (Class of 1971)
Brian Gale (Class of 1976)
Joe Gardner (Class of 1987)
Richard Gauley (Class of 1972)
Lucien Glaude (Class of 1969)
Carol Godden (Class of 1975)
Mr. Ken Graydon (Music Teacher, 1960?s)
Emily Grace Hanson (Class of 2009) Graduate of Henry Munro Middle School; died the summer before commencing at Gloucester
Mr. Morley Hetherington (Founding History Teacher and first Department Head, 1960s & 1970s)
Diane Honeywell (Class of 1971)
Tom Hurdman (Class of 1966)
Renata Janczyk (Class of 1966)
Zbigniew Janczyk (Class of 1967)
Rob Jennings (Class of 1983)
Mr. Tom Keliher (Founding Physical Education Teacher, 1960?s)
Gord Kemp (Class of 1966)
Mr. Horace Lafleur (Commerce Teacher, 1960?s)
Ron Larabie (Class of 1974)
Roddy Lebreton (Class of 1967)
Mario Levesque (Class of 1970)
Brian Lumsden (Class of 1986)
Michael Lystiuk (Class of 1983)
Feroz Mangal (Class of 2004)
Brenda Marshall (Class of 1977)
Kimberley (McConnell) Foster (Class of 1974)
Blake McConnery (Class of 1972)
Thomas McCreadie (Class of 1984)
James McLeish (Class of 1982)
Mr. Fred Meagher (Founding Guidance Teacher and first Department Head, 1960s)
Caia Miller (Class of 1990)
Allan Michael Miskell (Class of 2002)
Lewis Miskell (Class of 1975)
Tony Monorchio (Class of early 1990s)
Donald Moriarty (Class of 1975)
Mr. Len Mousseau (First Custodial Superintendent, 1960s)
David Mundee (Class of 1983)
Rigo Nitschmann (Class of 1969)
Darren O’Bertos (Class of 1978)
Yvonne O’Byrne (Class of 1994)
Michael J. O’Connor (Class of 1970?s)
Marianne Owens (Class of 1970)
Mr. Pappas (Custodial Superintendent, 1960?s)
Allan Parry (Class of 1974)
Michael Peterson (Class of 1969)
Barbara Louise Phillips (Class of 1971)
Mike Pygas (Class of 1968)
Bonnie (Rae) Smith (Class of 1972)
Colin Redpath (Class of 1981)
Mrs. Christina Renaud (Manager of the Cafeteria – 1963 & beyond)
Fred Renaud (Class of 1969)
Bruce Renton (Founding Shops Teacher and First Department Head, 1960s and 1970)
Anne Richards (Class of 1971)
Dan Rowan (Class of 1984) In service to the UN in Kosovo on behalf of Canada
David Rowe (Class of 1983)
Theron Salmon (Class of 1984)
Andre Saumur (Class of 1976)
Heather Scholey (Class of 1966, Office Administration)
James Schroeder (Class of 1979)
Robert (Bob) Sear (Class of 1965)
Mr. Frank Sergi (Physics Teacher, 1960s and 1970s)
Ron Shackleton (Class of 1967; Head Boy 1965-1966)
Kenneth Shade (Class of 1970)
Mr. Ed Sibiga (Technical Teacher, 1960s and 1970s)
Andrea Skillen (Class of 1988)
John Smithers (Class of 1965)
Deborah Solimka (Class of 1973)
Pat (Sorenson) Harder (Class of 1968)
Andy St.-Pierre (Class of 1972)
Mr. John Stairs (Teacher, 1960?s)
Peter Tewsley (Class of 1968)
David Tweedle (Class of 1969)
Jennifer Thomas (Class of 1978)
John Thornton (Class of 1974) Officer, Canadian Forces; in service to Canada
Ross Tilk (Class of 1978)
Ann (Tufts) Kerr (Class of 1970)
Bill Tufts (Class of 1967)
Murray Tufts (Class of 1971)
Ken Vanden Bosch (Class of 1969)
Alison Wright (Class of 1972; Head Girl 1971-1972)